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Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus PCR Nucleic Acid Detection Kit

Product Details

Using Taqman probe technology, specific primers and probes were designed with the N gene of Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus  (IBV) as the target site for the auxiliary detection of IBV nucleic acid in samples. This product introduces a dUTP/UDG system that  degrades U-containing ssDNA and dsDNA, eliminating cross-contamination caused by PCR products. At the same time, a positive  internal control (an internal standard, using a VIC reporter group) is set to monitor whether the qPCR system contains PCR inhibitors  by detecting whether the internal standard is normal to avoid false-negative results.


Store in the dark at -20±5°C. Valid for 12 months.


Dry ice (-20°C)

Product Contents



2×One-Step Reaction MixqPCR reaction buffers, dNTPs, PCR enhancers, etc.600 μl/tube
One-Step Enzyme Mix

UDG enzymes, reverse transcriptase, Taq enzymes

48 μl/tube
IBV Primer Probe MixPrimers, probes312 μl/tube
IBV Negative ControlNuclease-free Water400 μl/tube
IBV Internal Standard ControlNucleic acid containing amplified fragment of internal standard480 μl/tube
IBV Positvie ControlNucleic acid containing amplified fragment of internal standard50 μl/tube

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