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Genomic DNA Purification

  • <i>MagicPure</i><sup>®</sup> Cell-Free DNA Kit
<i>MagicPure</i><sup>®</sup> Cell-Free DNA Kit

MagicPure® Cell-Free DNA Kit

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This kit lyse samples by enzyme hydrolysis, purify cell-free DNA by specific adsorption of silica magnetic beads. It is suitable for isolating and purifyling high quality cell-free DNA from 0.5-10 ml serum or plasma. The extracted DNA can do PCR, qPCR and NGS. It can be used in magnet beads-based nucleic acid extraction system.

• Simple to operate and fast to extract. Do not need to centrifuge

• High yield and high purity

Kit Contents


EC201-01/11 (50 rxns)

Binding Buffer 18 (BB18)

120 ml

Clean Buffer 18 (CB18)

30 ml

Wash Buffer 18 (WB18)

24 ml

Elution Buffer 18 (EB18)

4 ml

Proteinase K (20 mg/ml)

3Χ1 ml

20% SDS

6 ml

Magnetic Cell-Free Beads

2 ml

Magnetic Stand (16 hole)

1 unit


at room temperature (15-25oC) for one year; Proteinase K -20oC for one year; Magnetic Cell-Free Beads 2-8oC for one year (protect from freezing).

Shipping Condition

Proteinase K on dry ice; Others at room temperature.

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