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  • DMT Enzyme
DMT Enzyme

DMT Enzyme

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DMT cuts the sequence GmATC (G is methylated) but does not cut the sequence GATC (G is not methylated). This enzyme cuts DNA prepared from most commonly used E.coli strains (dam+ strain), but does not cut PCR products.

Unit Definition

One unit (U) is defined as the amount of enzyme required for completely digesting 1 μg methylated pBR322 DNA at 37°C for one-hour reaction in a 50 μl reaction system.


In vitro site-directed DNA mutagenesis; degradation of methylated plasmid template


at -20°C for two years

Restriction Site


5’…GA TC…3’

3’…CT AG…5’


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A Novel Enterovirus 71 (EV71) Virulence Determinant: The 69th Residue of 3C Protease Modulates Pathogenicity ORIGINAL RESEARCH ARTICLE 0 Li B, et al. Key Laboratory of Rare and Uncommon D 2017 Feb The original link