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  • Easy II Protein Quantitative Kit (BCA)
Easy II Protein Quantitative Kit (BCA)

Easy II Protein Quantitative Kit (BCA)

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The BCA protein assay is one of the most commonly used methods for protein quantification. Under alkaline condition, the reduction of Cu2+ to Cu+ is realized by peptide bonds in proteins (biuret reaction). The amount of reduced copper is directly proportional to the amount of total proteins.

Measurement Range

20-2000 μg/ml.


BSA Standard Solution at -20℃ for two years; others at room temperature for one year

Shipping Condition

BSA Standard Solution on dry ice (-70℃); others at room temperature 

Kit Content



Solution A

100 ml

Solution B

3 ml

BSA Standard Solution (2 mg/ml)

2×1 ml

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