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Protein Purification

  • ProteinIso<sup>®</sup> Ni-NTA Resin
  • ProteinIso<sup>®</sup> Ni-NTA Resin
ProteinIso<sup>®</sup> Ni-NTA ResinProteinIso<sup>®</sup> Ni-NTA Resin

ProteinIso® Ni-NTA Resin

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ProteinIso® Ni-NTA Resin allows rapid affinity purification of His-tagged proteins. The His-tagged proteins bind to Ni2+ cations, which are immobilized on the Ni-NTA resin by 4 metal-chelating sites. After wash, the target proteins are recovered by gradient elution. The resin can be used for both native and denatured protein purification.


at 2~8°C (20% ethanol) for two years

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