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Expression Competent Cells

  • Transetta(DE3) Chemically  Competent Cell
  • Transetta(DE3) Chemically  Competent Cell
  • Transetta(DE3) Chemically  Competent Cell
Transetta(DE3) Chemically  Competent CellTransetta(DE3) Chemically  Competent CellTransetta(DE3) Chemically  Competent Cell

Transetta(DE3) Chemically Competent Cell

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Transetta(DE3) Chemically Competent Cell is specifically designed from imported strain for chemical transformation of DNA. It is resistant to chloramphenicol(CamR) and permits a transformation efficiency of over 107 cfu/μg DNA (tested by pUC19 plasmid DNA).


F- ompT hsdSB(rB- mB-) gal dcm lacY1(DE3)pRARE(argU, argW, ileX, glyT, leuW, proL)(Camr)


• Transformation efficiency: >107 cfu/μg (pUC19 DNA).

• CamR.

• tRNAs for 6 rare codons AUA, AGG, AGA, CUA, CCC, GGA. Enhance the expression level of proteins in the prokaryotic system.

• Control plasmid I (Amp+) is used for detection of expression function of cell. The protein size is about 25 kDa.


at -70°C for six months. Do not store in liquid nitrogen

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