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RNA Purification

  • EasyPure<sup>®</sup> Blood RNA Kit
EasyPure<sup>®</sup> Blood RNA Kit

EasyPure® Blood RNA Kit

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EasyPure Blood RNA Kit provides a simple and fast column based method to isolate total RNA from 50 µl -1.5 ml of fresh or anticoagulated blood. Blood is lysed and DNA is digested with DNase I. RNA is bound to silica membrane. After washing, high quality RNA is eluted.


RT-PCR, qRT-PCR and Northern blot.


DNase I and DNase I Reaction Buffer at -20°C for one year; others at room temperature (15-25°C) for one year

Kit Content


ER401-01 (50 rxns)

Red Cell Lysis Buffer 2 (RCL2)

125 ml

Binding Buffer 7 (BB7)

40 ml

Clean Buffer 7 (CB7)

60 ml

Wash Buffer 7 (WB7)

12 ml

DNase I (3 units/μl)

1500 units

DNase I Reaction Buffer

4×1 ml

RNase-free Water

10 ml

RNA Spin Columns with Collection Tubes

50 each

RNase-free Tube (1.5 ml)

50 each

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