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Mutagenesis System

  • Fast Mutagenesis System
Fast Mutagenesis System

Fast Mutagenesis System

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• Primers anneal to the DNA template, mutant strands are synthesized with 2×TransStart® FastPfu PCR SuperMix.

• In vitro digestion of non-mutated parental plasmid (methylated plasmid) with DMT enzyme and in vivo degradation of non-mutated parental plasmid (methylated plasmid) with DMT Chemically Competent Cell, so as to efficiently select mutant clones.


• Mutation sites on both primers to improve mutation efficiency.

• Partially overlapping primers for exponential DNA amplification.

• Fast (4 kb/min) and high fidelity ( 54-fold fidelity as compared to EasyTaq® DNA Polymerase) 2xTransStart® FastPfu PCR SuperMix for DNA amplification.

• Double digestions (in vitro and in vivo) of parental plasmids to enhance mutation efficiency.


Competent Cell at -70°C for six months; others at -20°C for two years

Kit Content


FM111-01 (10 rxns)

FM111-02 (20 rxns)

TransStart® FastPfu PCR SuperMix

250 µl

500 µl

DMT Enzyme (10 units/μl)

10 µl

20 µl

DMT Chemically Competent Cell

10×50 µl

20×50 µl


1 ml

1 ml

SControl Plasmid (5 ng/µl)

10 µl

20 µl

SControl Primers (10 µM )

10 µl

20 µl

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