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Transgen Biotech Careers

Current Opennings

International Business Specialist

International Marketing Specialist


How to Apply

International Business Specialist

Job Description

1. Overseas marketing planning and document translation.

2. Screening and establishing overseas distribution channels; distributor relationship management.

3. Customer order management by coordinating with related departments.

4. Providing product training and tech support for distributors.

Job Requirements

1. Master’s degree in biology related area; preferably with overseas study or work experience.

2. Strong oral and listening English skills; ability to translate English documents independently; second foreign language preferred.

3. Available for occasional short-term business travel at home and abroad.

4. Must be confident, optimistic, proactive and highly responsible.

5. Good skills for communication, market development and team work.

International Marketing Specialist

Job Description

1. Market information collection including international channels, industry report, product comparison, exhibitions, etc.

2. Preparation, coordination and scheduling for international exhibition projects.

3. Planning and design for gifts, marketing activities and product promotions.

4. Daily operation and content maintenance for E-commerce platforms.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor’s degree in biology related area.

2. Excellent skills for English information collection and analysis.

3. Good skills for communication, market development and team work.

4. Good sense of responsibility.

5. Creativity is desired.


Title 1: International E-commerce Intern

1. E-commerce platform screening and operation, such as Alibaba, official website, Biocompare, etc.

2. Google ads strategy research and optimization

3. Data collection and analysis for the platforms

Title 2: International Marketing Intern

1. Screening and research of international academic conferences and report to manager

2. Global market research and report

3. Marketing materials preparation, such as design, data collection and selection, etc.

4. Promotion plan

Title 3: International Distributor Managing Intern

1. Research of local market

2. Distributor information collection, evaluation, negotiation

3. Distributor daily contact by email or tele-conference, order processing

4. Sales data analysis and strategy proposal

5. Product training and preliminary technical support

6. Assist local distributor to develop customers and make marketing plan

How to Apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to bjhr@transgen.com.cn


Contacts:Shuyi Yan

Skype:TransGen Biotech Co., LTD



Address: Building No.4, Zhongguancun Dongsheng International Science Park, 1 North Yongtaizhuang Road, Haidian District, 100192 Beijing, China